(Lifting Individuals For Tomorrow)

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An Addiction
Recovery Service

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The Samaritan Center’s LIFT (Lifting Individuals For Tomorrow) Team provides Indiana State Certified Peer Recovery Specialists trained specifically to work with individuals starting and maintaining their sobriety from opioid and stimulant use disorders.

LIFT Team Members represent the best of what recovery can do for an individual and a reminder of what you can achieve if you stick with your recovery plan because they are a product of and continue to be in Recovery.

The unique relationship between LIFT Team Members and the individual in or seeking recovery is grounded in trust and focused on providing the individual with tools, resources and support to achieve long-term recovery as well as resources in their local communities. LIFT Team Members work in a range of settings including recovery community centers, recovery residences, drug courts and other criminal justice settings, hospital emergency departments, child welfare agencies, homeless shelters, behavioral health and primary care settings.

Our LIFT Team Can Assist Individuals in:

  • Providing emotional support throughout one’s recovery journey
  • Connecting individuals with community resources that will support their recovery
  • Offering help with practical needs, like securing housing or finding a job
  • Helping find connections to community resources like recovery events and activities
Our LIFT Team Members cannot diagnose or treat addictions, judge or tell individuals what to do. All conversations with our LIFT Team Members are confidential and voluntary.

Our LIFT Team Members:

Krystal Mullen
Jennifer Owen
Megan Alecci
Tanner Wingert
Wendy Robinson
Duston Hearn

Peer Advocate Liaisons:

  • Inspire hope that people can and do recover
  • Walk with people on their recovery journey
  • Dispel myths about what it means to have a mental health condition or substance use disorder
  • Provide self-help education and links people to tools and resources
  • Support people in identifying their goals, hopes and dreams, and creating a road map for getting there

To submit a referral call 812.885.6820, option 5. You can also email us at

*The LIFT Team is funded by the State Opioid Response Grant through the Division of Mental Health and Addiction.
LIFT Team Brochure